The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) sees itself as an organization whose activities predominantly concern the cultural interests of photography and related imaging media. These activities include both the conventional process of photography and its many different fields of application in art, science, education, journalism, industry and politics, as well as the non-conventional methods and new forms of imaging media.

The DGPh wants to be an open forum for all people interested in photography. With public events it wishes to actively contribute to socially relevant and ongoing issues concerning technical imagery in our day and age.

In its interdisciplinary member and organization structure, which covers the different divisions of “imagery”, “education and advanced training”, “history and archives”, “art, marketing and law”, “medical and science photography” as well as “science and technology”, the DGPh is able to deal with corresponding issues in a cross-sectoral context.

Above and beyond this the DGPh sees itself as a representative body for the public presentation and interpretation of future-pointing photographic work. It was with this in mind that the DGPh founded prizes and awards which are conferred upon personalities and photographic institutions whose imaging, scientific, journalistic or social work has acquired particular recognition. With their Cultural Award the DGPh distinguishes personalities who have contributed to photography in an artistic, scientific or journalistic way. The “Dr. Erich Salomon Award” honors media and photographers for their outstanding photography in journalism.